Friday, January 14, 2011

Lets Start Blogging

Ok so i've heard alot about blogging. I'm a stay at home mom who basically cooks, cleans and takes care of my two beautiful children Emma and Anthony. I do usually have some free time throughout the day so i figured....why not give blogging a try. I've read what kinds of blog people do and what qualifies as blogging and so forth. So i'm making my blog my personal daily journal. I will discuss any and everything from what i've got going on daily, what new recipies i'm trying, what my kids are up to, my personal life with Anthony, and well whatever else i feel the need to mention. I used to keep a spiral journal when i was younger (from like ten to maybe fifteen years old). Sad thing is that i never really kept up with them. I would write something then forget about it and a month later write in it again. So we will see if i can actually keep a steady pace with this blog. :)